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The-Breeder-for-web by Emi-Puppy

Character concept drawing for a story I'm trying to write. I find I don't have the talent or patience for clean line art and I don't have the skills yet for realistic coloring. If anyone is interested in collaborating with me on this, please message me!

Character Description:

This woman, who I have yet to think of a name for, is set in a world in the far future similar to the world Firefly takes place in. Cultures have blended together and new societies and cultures have formed on different planets.  As Science and Technology improved, it came into fashion that one would alter themselves to change shape, add limbs, fur, change the color of their eyes or skin in the most artistic ways.  However, despite science's improvements, successful birth rates were decreasing at an alarming rate in altered females and the use of technical incubators cost quite a sum.  Respected and well funded scientists were able to successfully create two sets of 20 female children (one set created 5 years ahead and with 12 males). These females were scientifically altered to bare children of those in the higher society who now had altered their core DNA enough that they could not have children naturally with their spouses or did not wish to part with the required sum to create a personalized child in a lab.  

The lab born children were taught and raised in a closed off wing until they reached 16. From there they were taught how to charm and play host or companion to those who paid enough money for their services. It was decided by the government that this method would be the best way to pay for the technology used to create more of these lab bred humans. When the children reached the age of 28 and therefore entered adulthood, the women were then either sold in auction as a Breeder for a Blood Blood pair, or were allowed to chose their own partners if they had gained enough favor through good behavior. Unfortunately for the young men, they were more often studded out but had a low success rate for impregnating a Blue Blood female as of yet.

For our protagonist, She has an active imagination, a thirst for adventure, and an optimistic view on how her own class is run as well as how life outside her gilded cage must be full of life and joy rather than rules and manners.  She manages to slip away from the Harem Guard under the guise of a maid and wanders out into the divers streets of her city.

From here there are similarities to Jasmine wandering the streets until rescued by Aladdin.  However in this story’s case she escapes the mob herself and is later found by a man who tricks her into going off with him.  

The male characters are still in development and won’t bore you with their stories here.

Stock image: Pallas - 2 by Marcus J. Ranum
Model is Amber G ([link])


United States
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